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Disruption Corporation's Crystal Tech Fund backs high-growth entrepreneurs with up to $1M in funding and is based on three simple ideas.


Venture Capital, Tech-Enabled, Companies & Economic Development

Technology is making startup formation location-agnostic but, at some point, the best companies need to pick a home. Emerging are places that put the entrepreneurial culture at the forefront and increase chances of success while spurring economic development, kicking off a priceless cycle. Venture Capital should play an important role in lighting this fire.

High-Growth Companies Need More Than Just Cash

We have the cash to fuel your growth. However, once you have bootstrapped your way up or graduated beyond an accelerator, you need more than money. We have just the right mix of tools, resources & guidance to help companies be more productive, recruit better talent, and grow their teams.

Venture Capital Needs More Geeks

Disruption and Crystal Tech Fund are built by founders, hackers, and dataheads. We believe in pairing our experiences as founders with data to allow for better pre-investment decisions and post-investment nurturing. Our products and approach are built around this. In other words, we're geeks funding geeks.

Portfolio Companies



Aquicore is a real-time energy management software, which allows you to analyze all of your energy data on one centralized platform.


Bloompop provides convenient online access to the unique floral design collections of individual florists. Designs are rustic, modern, and everything in between -- as unique as the florists who make them.


For millions of professionals, relationships are the backbone of a viable business. Whether it’s current clients, future prospects, or potential investors; Contactually’s mission is to help you build stronger relationships with the people that matter most to your current profession and/or career.


Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee is moving coffee sales onto the internet. We’re building an economic network linking hundreds of coffee roasters to our customers around the world.



We are a nationwide network of local verified geeks who can help you with in-home computer repair, tv mounting, home theater setup, and more—all at very affordable prices.



Our goal is to build the most useful app that you use in your daily life. We just want to make life easier for people who frequently communicate via SMS & use lots of different devices.


The world’s first attendee-focused event registration & ticketing platform.

Power Supply

Great tasting food, made from the good stuff, by local chefs and artisans we admire, with lots of variety and choice, in a super simple experience.



Our mission is to help supply chains adapt to Earth’s natural and manmade hazards.



At Speek we’re dedicated to bringing you super simple conference calling with no dial-ins, pins or downloads.


Our team and our site are focused on using tech as a tool to build time into the lives of our customers by bringing the shopping, purchasing and shipping elements of a job into one cost effective, easy-to-use purchasing experience.


We do more than throw information at you and leave you to fend for yourself. talklocal connects real people to real help by phone, in seconds.