The public markets are becoming increasingly efficient and alpha opportunities are decreasing. At the same time, the private markets are increasing in access and information. No one is leading with respect to advice and guidance in this transition. Until now. Welcome to Disruption Corporation.


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Crystal Tech Fund is based on three simple ideas and backs high-growth entrepreneurs with up to $1M in funding.


Popular Notes on Hubble Stream™

#mobile #crowdsourcing - Dan Piehler: About — Airpnp

Against my better judgment, this deserves a post. $Airpnp is a crowdsourced bathroom app used to find clean, comfortable bathrooms wherever you are. While at one end it’s a nice alternative to a...Read more

#mobility - Bryce T.: Translogic 169: Racing against Audi's autonomous RS7

From @erikbryn twitter, Audi’s autonomous racing RS7. First, a question, what will the Indy, Nascar, F-1 purists think when this tech becomes more common in their circuits? Is this the HGH of racing?...Read more

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