The public markets are becoming increasingly efficient and alpha opportunities are decreasing. At the same time, the private markets are increasing in access and information. No one is leading with respect to advice and guidance in this transition. Until now. Welcome to Disruption Corporation.

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I’m fascinated by $Thrillist as the future of media and how they use $JackThreads to monetize what they’re doing. They just hired a new head of e-commerce and JackThreads. Thrillist Media Group has...Read more

Marc Johnson: Food startup Hampton Creek raises $90 million in funding - Fortune

I think it’s great that someone is finally taking on Big Mayo, but seriously, just how big is the market for mayonnaise? $Hampton-Creek announced today that they had received $90M in a Series C...Read more

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Just to test out a new idea, we’re going to manually import a few newsletters that we find insightful. Our first at bat will be the newsletter “Justin’s List.” @thorpus hope you don’t mind :) For...Read more

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Angel Investing & Modern Portfolio Theory

In this free email course you will learn along side Brandon Gadoci as he explores the world of modern portfolio theory and it's relation to private market investing. Brandon will attempt to marry the anecdotal world of good startup investing with the more scientific studies of modern portfolio theory.

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The healthcare industry as we know it is complacent and eager for disruption; it is largely reactive and static, and demand is only growing as the population ages. The advantage goes to companies with preventative or management capabilities, especially for longterm conditions. According to our research, healthcare is one of, if not THE, top sectors backed by VCs. The specific markets highlighted in this report are those that we believe hold the most potential for innovation and ability to change the industry as we know it. 


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