The public markets are becoming increasingly efficient and alpha opportunities are decreasing. At the same time, the private markets are increasing in access and information. No one is leading with respect to advice and guidance in this transition. Until now. Welcome to Disruption Corporation.

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Our in-house and location-based analysts deliver unmatched insight and opinions on technology and private market companies.




Crystal Tech Fund is based on three simple ideas and backs high-growth entrepreneurs with up to $1M in funding 


Our advice comes in three forms: portfolio reviews, custom research, and corporate briefings.

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Recent Research Report


With Bitcoin, there are the challenges of understanding what it actually is and how it works, and then in this case of Disruption Research, explaining this technology to new adopters. These obstacles speak to how convoluted this industry is, but when you hear prominent venture capitalists talk about Bitcoin as being reminiscent of the “early days of the internet” you’d be remiss not to at least take a peek inside to see what the fuss is all about.


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